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Venting Out…

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Most people vent out defiantly some like to take a long walk others like to listen to music others like to play a bit of shoot em up on the X-Box to let all there anger out and some like to take ride in there exotic car

what ever you do let me tell you why its a good thing to vent out

  1. it lets out all the steam you would otherwise roast someone else in: a lot of people including me hold in a lot then when its time they just dump it all out and some times they snap other times they just vent, it all depends on the person, the reason why people snap is because they don’t vent in time and all that pressure and stress all adds up and boom it becomes to much and a person snaps thats why its better to vent before you snap. since sometimes you can really hurt someone if you do no propely vent out, if your in a relashinship please be careful
  2. Venting can greatly increase productivity and focus since you let it all out and let it all go, so let it all out to the last drop vent it all out
  3. when your feeling hopeless, tired, useless like your not moving forward in life and then you have no luck in life, not hope, then its time to vent out all the bad and soak in the good since a human is like a sponge even though you can be a positive person there are many things that even you don’t understand but you soak up the bad along with the good even though you only think about the good. make sense, good and with that you need to clean your sponge and let all the bad out and start soaking up new things, and not a lot of people do this since they don’t have the time, money, recourses ext you have to vent out and just relax and get your mind off the bad
  4. focus more on what you want and less on what you want, every day don’t dread it but focus on what you are willing to accomplish like for instance instead of having to think of why you hate work think about all the things you can do with the paycheck your getting this week or what new investments that could include, think outside the box since I was always looking forward to my future and not resenting the present because I knew its going to be hard to get there if i were a slug every day
  5. Just do it, may people have to make it all perfect just get ready fire and then aim since your are not going to be perfect just fix the mistakes and move on

actions are louder then words since who care if you say you drive a lamborgihini if you drive up in one you saved yourself some words and time explaining everything

Got there and vent it all out!

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