Vaydor The Affordable Exotic Car

I know right, did you really just say the “affordable Exotic Car” yes I can even say affordable super car if I wanted to.

Welcome to the world of Vaydor this is a re-body kit car that can be put on your stock Infinity 04-07 G35 and boom you have yourself an exotic car, minus the amount of time and money you have to put into it to actually make it beast mode. Im talking about  the engine and tuning not the looks.


Unless your a person like me there is a handful of company’s that would like to help you make theses cars all you have to do is hand over the money one of the company’s charge 75K for a build and its simple from there. if you interested in them building you a vaydor let them know and they can hook you up with a car you will never regret. Seriously mean that by the way.


So what is included in this 75k beast, well all the standard features of course of an infinity and some beast exterior and interior looking car… seriously take a look at some pictures and let me know what you think vaydor gallery

nice right?

its a beast of a car and for good reason it was made for the joker for the movie suicide squad.

so if your planning on buying tickets to that move definitely check out the Vaydor there before you buy one becuase you will love it when you see it guaranteed




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